How to do Search Engine Optimization in 2016?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is perhaps the most happening industry that is continuously in a shifting mode. What used to work back in 2015 is now obsolete! The year 2016 has brought in new challenges, new opportunities but are you ready to embrace the change in SEO? Are you still practising the old method and tactics? Let's find out how to do SEO in 2016.

Before we start let us simplify the industry. The SEO world is currently divided into two group of mindsets. One group says SEO has just made a fresh start while the other believes SEO is going to die out. In this article we will show how you can explore new search engine optimization opportunties for your link building campaigns.

1. Always write good meta tags

In order to rank high it is very important to write seo friendly title tag and meta description tag. The search engine bots derive information about your webpage from these seo tags.

2. Content must be centered around Target Keywords

We find several websites and seo link builders who ignore the importance of creating content for their target keywords. Keywords play a singular role in the scenario of seo. It is upto the strength of the Content to support the keywords. As a result without proper content it is hard to rank in the present field of search engine optimization.

3. Giving importance to User Engagement & User Metrics

The good old days of spamming keywords are long gone. Search engines have evolved in terms of understanding and tracking user metrics. So even if you are ranking #1 on any keyword if the user doesn't like your site then the search engines can detect that and can lower your rankings. After the Google Hummingbird update, user's search intent is now more clearer and search results are being modified in realtime. You must keep close watch on the movements of your search engine rankings in the search engine results pages.

4. Your Backlinks are being watched so be careful

Like we mentioned the days of the past are nothing but gone for good. Search engines like Google, has modified their detection power in understanding the value of backlinks. Gain authority by building good quality backlinks. Spamming a website with backlinks will only lead to abuse in search rankings.

Remember its not important to focus on keywords, rather gain strength with the help of quality content.


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