5 Ways to Improve Your Website's Search Results Pages

Improving your website's search results pages can often be painful. Usually the problem lies with the development that defines the website's architecture. The problem can only be spotted once it appears in the search results listing pages or if an internal site audit is performed. However, when we are dealing with large websites, it is not always possible to track the issues to that very detail.

So in order to be better prepared and ready we have compiled this post on 5 ways to improve your website's search results pages.

In this article, we will be looking into the issues that create problems for websites on the organic scale. Before you start reading the ways to improve you must read the Basic SEO Concepts for Beginners!

1. A Product/Service oriented website must show Reviews

Reviews form an important aspect for any product/service oriented or ecommerce website. A visitor after landing on the page checks what others are saying about the product. Based on the data that he/she receives the buying decision is made. So for most websites we find although they have review section it is usually non-highlighted or hidden under tabs. It is important that reviews section gets visibility first to catch the user's attention.

2. Highlighting Social Views for the listed feature
Nowadays, social is a powerful tool which can be leveraged to gain it's benefits. The website can display social media data to help create a sense of urgency or make a good impression in the buyer's mind. For example, for a Real Estate website displaying it's properties it can display social media stats to help the visitor understand the real craze behind the listing.

3. Avoid Misspellings - This is as bad as it can get

Visitors are very particular about this. The moment they see spelling/grammar errors they tend to spend less time on the website. In certain parts of the world, users have often avoided websites that have multiple spelling errors. It is very important that the person in charge of the content must take special care while writing to avoid such silly mistakes.

4. Avoid 404 error issues for pages that receive good traffic

A lot of times it so happens that an ecommerce website had run out of stock and as per their internal programming the website had displayed a 404 error page. This results in severe inconvenience for the visitors. If the website is having more referral traffic then this form of issue offsets the visitor's mindset. Next time onwards he/she may not visit the website due to the bad experience in the past.

5. Use Bigger and Better Images

Images play a crucial role in any conversion procedure. Compromising on quality and size can lead to bad effects for the visitor. We all love colorful, relevant images. If you use good quality images then they will appeal more to the visitor, thus helping him/her understand the website even better. However keep in mind that with big, quality images the size also increases and that can affect the load time of the website. So check on the loading time before applying the changes.

That will be all for now. We hope you have enjoyed the article and will visit us again to stay updated for various news of the SEO world. Thanks!


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