Fundamental Concepts of SEO Explained for Beginners

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in itself is a unique, technical world that governs the art of ranking websites in major search engines! For someone who is not having any exposure or background knowledge of technology and the internet, will take time to understand seo. At SEO Tablet we are always ready to help you so let's start knowing the fundamental concepts of search engine optimization!


Basic Concepts of SEO

1. Keywords = Targeting User Search Terms

Major search engine like Google handles 3.5 billion searches every day! That is a lot of seach terms being processed by Google. So for example your business is about a particular keyword like plumbing in oregon and you want leads to come from your website. Now that will not be happening by itself. You need to target the keyword that appeal to your business and tune in your website to be looked as the best matched website for that keyword. Once that is done you will be generating buisness leads from your target keywords.

2. Backlinks = Backbone of Confidence

Similar to the system of elections, good backlinks act as reliable votes for the target website. Its more like a respectable person vouching for the next electoral candidate. So gaining authoritative backlinks improves the website's search exposure. For search engines understanding the value of a website is actually difficult they have to rely on external sources. Backlinks is the main interconnecting signal that they use to determine the quality of a website.

3. Schema Markup = The SEO Blueprint of your Website

The importance of Schema has suddenly been noticed by seo experts since 2015. Prior to that hardly anyone cared about Schema. This is nothing but a well-formatted structure that helps the search engine bots to understand each segment of the website. With the help of Schema you can improve your website's search results as it helps a lot for Recipe, Music Shows, Movies, Review based websites. You must have also noticed the new graphical changes Google has been showing in the search results especially for Food Recipe posts having golden stars.

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