How to write Good Meta Title Tags for SEO 2016

Title Tag and Meta Title Tag are both the same thing in the SEO world. These are actually the most important tag among all the other meta tags. SEO Experts use title tags for their on-page strategy. With the help of meta title tags one can perfectly optimize any website to enable it search engine friendly.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016 for SEO

Social Bookmarking seems to be the talk of the town for our SEO World. The hype for submitting links to high pr social bookmarking sites has always been in seo trends since the early days of link building. Although due to Google Algorithm updates, seo experts had reduced using social bookmarking sites but now with change in seo strategies, bookmarking sites are the new leaders in 2016!

Fundamental Concepts of SEO Explained for Beginners

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in itself is a unique, technical world that governs the art of ranking websites in major search engines! For someone who is not having any exposure or background knowledge of technology and the internet, will take time to understand seo. At SEO Tablet we are always ready to help you so let's start knowing the fundamental concepts of search engine optimization!

How to do Search Engine Optimization in 2016?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is perhaps the most happening industry that is continuously in a shifting mode. What used to work back in 2015 is now obsolete! The year 2016 has brought in new challenges, new opportunities but are you ready to embrace the change in SEO? Are you still practising the old method and tactics? Let's find out how to do SEO in 2016.

5 Ways to Improve Your Website's Search Results Pages

Improving your website's search results pages can often be painful. Usually the problem lies with the development that defines the website's architecture. The problem can only be spotted once it appears in the search results listing pages or if an internal site audit is performed. However, when we are dealing with large websites, it is not always possible to track the issues to that very detail.

So in order to be better prepared and ready we have compiled this post on 5 ways to improve your website's search results pages.