High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016 for SEO

Social Bookmarking seems to be the talk of the town for our SEO World. The hype for submitting links to high pr social bookmarking sites has always been in seo trends since the early days of link building. Although due to Google Algorithm updates, seo experts had reduced using social bookmarking sites but now with change in seo strategies, bookmarking sites are the new leaders in 2016!

With each new day a new seo link building strategy is surfacing from the labs of experimentation. Some link builders are of the view that maintaining submissions to bookmarking sites can help drip feed the links.

For those of you who do not know, Drip feeding is actually good for your newly created links. It helps stabilize the link indexing time and thus distributes the velocity of the links. Without drip feeding your link building campaign would look like a seo blast. That is exactly what major search engine crawlers are ready to penalize.

Free DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites 2016

So if you want to benefit from the new link patterns then start using dofollow social bookmarking sites 2016:

Name of Website Alexa Global Rank Google PageRank Click to Visit
Cultship.org 59,304 4
KultamuSEO.net 92,604 4
Campaniainhub.net 75,549 4
Nycweboy.net 72,415 4
Bosplus.org 46,924 5
Kestrin.net 59,599 4
Gutenborg.net 60,756 5
Cqses.org 38,268 0
Ganeshaubud.com 54,717 4
Busesplus.org 47,886 4
3000Bonus.com 60,249 4
Nottsgroups.com 50,226 4
Cosap.org 31,473 4
Risecsp.net 48,797 4
Temateater.net 51,060 4

We hope the above social bookmarking sites of 2016 has been useful for your seo link building campaigns. Please share the word about this site and we hope your site ranks faster!


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