How to write Good Meta Title Tags for SEO 2016

Title Tag and Meta Title Tag are both the same thing in the SEO world. These are actually the most important tag among all the other meta tags. SEO Experts use title tags for their on-page strategy. With the help of meta title tags one can perfectly optimize any website to enable it search engine friendly.

What is a Title Tag?

Title tags are special meta information that describe what is on your page to the Visitor as well as to the Search Engine crawlers. The importance is in the way it can be used. It has to be short, precise and as accurate as possible. Using Title tags is purely one of the fundamental SEO concepts that one must know before optimizing any website.

title tags visible in html

Where can You add the Title Tag?

Title tag should always be added in the <head> section of your site's HTML. As an example it should look like the following syntax:

<title>Example Title Will Go Here</title>

If you are using Content Management Systems like WordPress then this is already done!

Are Title Tags important as a Ranking Signal?

Since the Title Tag is placed in the meta header section it is the very first thing that search engine bots read while crawling your website. While searching the web, every website's title tag appears in the search engine results pages. So that is what the Visitors read for their search term.

As per the SEO industry standards, Title tags are always considered the most important aspect for a website to rank in search engines. Although major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have never directly pointed out - They have laid emphasis on using proper title tags for good seo.

How to write impressive Title Tags?

Title tags should always be optimized for SEO in order to rank high. Therefore it is important to place your primary keywords carefully in a meaningful format. This should be followed by your less emphasized keyword and then comes the brand name. The brand name can be your website name or even the category name which you consider as a brand.

A handy reference for you can be as follows:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

SEO Tip: Always remember Titles should be written for Human eyes and not for crawlers.
It is very important that you do not stuff in your keywords for the sake of ranking. Google's algorithm is intelligent enough to make out whether your title tag is pure or not.

[Updated] Title Tag Checklist for SEO 2016

Title tags are important for SEO now we know that. So here is a perfect checklist that you can follow for optimizing your websites.

1. Length should be ideally between 50 - 60 characters in total(including spaces).

2. Place the Primary Keywords first and then if there is space place your secondary keywords.

3. Title Tags should never be duplicated. If you mentioned a particular format for one page then change it if you want to reuse it.

4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing in your Titles. Simply because that seo technique is now obsolete. You will actually attract a manual penalty if you do that.

5. Change the Title tags more often to increase crawl rate and freshness in your rankings

So that will be all for this topic on how to write high quality meta title tags for seo 2016. Please share your valuable suggestions in the comments below!


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